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JAT-CVA’s Career:
Located at Banbidian Ave., Tongzhou District, Beijing City, with its plant in Xianghe Economic Development Zone, Beijing JAT-CVA Special Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a large entity specializing in the production of Class I, II, III pressure containers and chemical equipment,and aluminum alloy structure & steel structure special transportation vehicle. Our mainly products including various columns, heat exchangers, reactors and other equipment for chemical industry used and cryogenic storage tanks, trailers containers for liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, and liquefied natural gas. Aluminum alloy tank trailer used for food and energy liquid transportation. .

New plant construction:

JAT-CVA’s History:
■ JAT-CVA, with its predecessor Beijing Metal Construction Works founded in 1949, is the country’s large-scale pressure container and metal structure manufacturer listed among State Large-scale Class A Enterprises, and has the total assets 750 million RMB yuan in which equipment assets 120 million RMB yuan.
■ In October, 2004, the company underwent the complete transformation from state-owned enterprise to private-run enterprise, which was named Beijing JAT Special Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
■ In September, 2007, JAT joint venture with American company Cryogenic Vessel Alternatives (CVA), renamed "Beijing JAT-CVA Special Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd." And introduced CVA advanced production technology of tank trailer. Cryogenic Vessel Alternatives (CVA) acts as the world leader in cryogenic transportation and distribution, now it has grown to capture Sixty Million USD per year in sales, and set up factories in Canada and Turkey.
■ In April 2009, JAT established aluminum alloy tanker project department, started aluminum tanker production project and successful completed trial production in the same year.
■ In July 2010, vehicle branch established, production shop located in Xianghe development zoon. Total investment 800 million RMB, total area reach to 233 million square meters, production workshop, office and related ancillary facilities buildings area reach to 25 million square meters.
■ May of 2012, Vehicle production line commissioning is completed, the production shop has entered mass batch production stage.   

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